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Our Facility


Gani Preschool is located on the grounds of the Chabad of the Central Cascades in the heart of Samammish Plateau. The site is sunny, modern and equipped with all the requisite amenities of a first-class pre-school, including bright classrooms, an indoor gym and outdoor playgrounds.

The Learning Center

Your child will have a choice of activities in which to participate each day.  Creative art, science, early math, family living, building, fine motor, building blocks, and water play are samples of the centers that are available for your child.  Because we believe that play is a child’s greatest learning experience, our approach allows children to choose the skills they wish to develop.

As the art center is popular among the children, we wish to convey an important aspect of our philosophy.  We do not do the work for the children.  You will need to accept your child’s artwork as he or she did it. The work will not be teacher fixed.  In this way children are able to work freely, and develop a personal pride in their works of art.

Our Preschool was Dedicated in September 2019 by Dr.  Jay and Caroline Kaufman and Family in Loving Memory of their Mother and Nema Leslie Ray Kaufman OBM

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