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Our family loves sending our child Benny to Gani. The program teaches him great Jewish values that will be the backbone of his childhood. Not only does he get to learn these values, but he gets to do it with friendly teachers and his friends. Everyone at Gani welcomes children with open arms.

Boris Gerchikov​ Olga Gerchikov​

Gani Preschool is amazing! Morah Dorit’s experience and sensitivity makes every child feel welcome and unique. The administration, teaching staff and parents are like a family. The school combines the perfect amount of Jewish education and secular curriculum to more than prepare your child for Kindergarten.
Our children have looked forward to school every day. Our daughter, now in Kindergarten, begs to go to Moroh Dorit’s class on her days off from school. They love the clean colorful classrooms filled with fun ways of learning. The teachers’ guidance gives them room to make sensible independent choices. Communication from staff and teachers to parents is done in a timely and professional manner. Gani Preschool is surrounded by a beautiful green belt that makes the experience even more relaxing. The closeness to the nature is an added bonus. If you join this family, the only thing you will regret is that there will come a day that your children will have to graduate.

Yiftach Gunderman

As an Israeli, I took my Jewish identity as granted. Only when I relocated to US I understood how important it is for my kids to learn about Jewish holidays in addition to all the general subject learning at preschool. It warms my heart to hear my daughter coming back from Gani singing holidays songs or doing a Shabbat service with her dolls.

Danit Erlich - Parent

We have a lovely Gani preschool with a loving staff and pleasant atmosphere. I'm happy to hear the kids sing Hebrew songs and talk about our holidays. My daughter is excited about going every morning and that says it all!

Yael Moshe Barak

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